The Importance of Having a Website

The importance of having a website




The evolution of technology brought about the Internet, which consists of a new, faster and ever cheaper way of communicating. As time goes by, more and more underdeveloped countries are getting access to the World Wide Web, and pretty soon most, if not practically all countries will be connected.

These days hundreds of thousands of people use search engines, social networks, visit blogs, and browse the contents of the web daily. People want to be a part of it, be contacted through it, be requested by it and ultimately, be found in it. The WWW has become the new and improved Yellow Pages for lots of people, businesses and organizations.

Even if your business is small, or not focused on online features (like an e-Shop or similar), more and more customers look up businesses, companies, stores, products and services on the Internet. Whether it is to look up a price, to find product specifications, or simply to get company’s contact number, it pays off to have at least some kind of web presence. And these days, you can create a good (simple!) website for relatively little money.

People trust (or avoid) brands often recently. If they don’t know a particular brand, never heard of it or don’t know much about it, they are less likely to buy or hire it. In that sense, having at least a very basic website helps you:

  • (Re)define your brand to the public
  • Increase the user’s trust and knowledge about you and your business
  • List your core products and/or services so that customers may consult them
  • Post useful information which users can check
  • Create “Call to Action” elements which attract the users to your business

When it comes down to it, a website can be an extension of your company. In some cases, and even when your business is not focused on the Internet, a well-designed and promoted website practically sells your business by itself and can act as an extra marketing channel. If done right, you’ll have users searching specific words on Google or Bing which lead them to you, and make you increase your customer base.

These days, creating your own website is no longer considered a luxury – also because of how inexpensive it can be – it’s now become a basic necessity. And creating an account on one or more existing business portals is no longer enough. People perceive your brand better when you have a place of your own, that reflects your vision, your design, your products, your goals and your value.

The team of CREP has experts dealing with web presence and visibility. We can help you become visible (and found) on the Internet. Contact us to bring your business online!

Pedro Nuno Mota Dória Martins

Head Developer, IT and Digital Marketing at CREP