Synergies-The Importance of Timing

Modeling synergies


The timing of realized synergies as well as the cost of those synergies is as important as synergy identification itself. For example ,(Timing) Which customers and for how long  are they locked into contracts with the company .

It is often reported that the full synergy run rate is only achieved 2 or 3 years after the deal closed. Aggressive timing and the original calculation of synergies often will create a gap in realized targets. For example, For a buyer targeting a supply chain it might be assumed that new contracts can be issued and signed on day one to achieve a 100 percent run rate. In the reality saving might have to be achieved a little slowly by implementing a hampered timetable during the first year.

This often results in a significant drop in realized savings in the first year. For example, after acquisition a oil and gas company thought it could redesign the newly combined organisation during the integration process. The eminently dismissed what they considered to be redundant personal, only to use valuable time and resources to re higher them again to help in the implementation of the integration process.

When buyers are overly optimistic or ambitious about realized first year savings , additional pressure is added to achieve more synergies to close the gap.

One- off savings can close this deficit and should ideally be included in the original model estimate.

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In our experience and according to our research buyers are willing to incorporate 25 % tp 50 % of total synergies into the bid price.Companies often are found to be very confident in their abilities to achieve and identify cost synergies, which get included into their model at full or close to full expected value.

While the revenue synergies can be equally beneficial and drive the transaction, a lot of companies find themselves divided on whether they should include these values in deal analysis.

A large amount of deal teams view revenue synergies to e more difficult to achieve and they do not want to overpay. See the table below to further understand the different types of synergies( Synergy types ) are shown in the average buyers purchase price.

Bid Breakdown

% of synergies buyers will pay for.

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The more strategic the deal the more buyers are lightly to add revenue synergies into the deal model. At times the modeler will account for the reduction in certainty that are related to revenue synergies by including a higher discount rate for the associated cash flows.

Revenue Synergies in the Long Run

Generally, the competitive edge gained by Revenue synergies doesn’t last forever. It doesn’t take to long for competitors to imitate the product or new strategy. With Tech companies for example the revenue synergies will last much shorter time periods than those that are in slower paced industries. Although its often found that many buyers calculate synergies into eternity, we recommend estimating a finite period for synergies and then calculating that estimate into the the purchase price.

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