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Buyers Side Mergers and Acquisitions Buy a Company Now

For buying a business now C.R.E.F. has a experienced team that knows the process of purchasing a company in detail. We have have the skills to help you with every aspect involved in the purchase of a company or property. The links below will tell you a little more about the different aspects involved in the acquisition of a company. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what type of business you wish to acquire.


The Process of Purchasing a Business

There are around 7 steps involved when purchasing a business. We at C.R.E.F. know and understand each of these steps. To Learn more about these steps please click here. Our Aim is to insure that your acquisition runs smoothly.


Visit the process for buying a business to find out more


The “Buy and Build” Strategy

The C.R.E.F. team can advise and help you with any kind of buy and build strategy.


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The Advantages of Buying an Established Business

One of the easiest ways you can grow your company is to buy an already established business. When you wish to expand your market share the buy and build strategy should be an option to consider.


To find out more about this strategy, Visit The Advantages of Purchasing an Established Business.


The Costs of Buying a Company

Buying a business safety demands due diligence. Market research as well as other investigations into your possible investment is a must. This is an important decision, and should not be taken lightly. We make sure that the decision you make to acquire a company or property is an informed one. We can provide you with all the relevant data needed to do so.


To read more on this topic click on The Costs Of Buying A Business.


Legal Documents in the Purchase of a Company

The LOI, NDA and SPA documents are some of the more important documents required to buy a business. Our team has highly experienced individuals who know and understand the legal documents and procedures involved in buying a company.


For further information click on Legal Documents


Due Diligence In Buying a Business

You can not always be sure that what you are shown is the reality. When we talk about due diligence we are talking about checking that the company you are interested in is in fact as good as the seller says it is. We at C.R.E.F. make sure that you know what you are buying by checking if the figures truly represent reality. It is always a good idea to do a business valuation before purchasing any business.


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Preparing for the Acquisition of a Business

Once you have made the decision to buy a business. Preparation for this is extremely important. As acquiring a business can be a complex task.At times it might take a bit of time before the business is in your hands. If your preparation is done well, the chances that you make the right investment will be greatly increased.


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For any Questions about M&A for buying a company contact us.