Synergies Establish Accountability

Establish Accountability Looking to Business Units and Corporate Development. The minority of companies give the responsibility to a specific individual to take charge for achieving synergies with the new acquisition. It’s also common practice for companies to set additional targets and measure performance on a functional or regional level. Some companies also link the achievement […]

Synergies and Deal Making

Synergies and deal making Synergies a lot of the time can be the competitive advantage for a strategic buyer during the bidding process. The are also used to explain to and convince a buyers board of directors , shareholders the strategic objectives of a transaction.Once synergies have been realized an acquirer’s corporate development and business […]

EU Commercial Real Estate 2016 Overview

EU Commercial Real Estate 2016 Overview

EU Commercial Real Estate 2016 Overview GERMANY In most commercial property markets within EU the appetite is still going strong. Germany is still in the lead and has been for the second consecutive quarter. However, according to the latest RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor political events in Spain and the UK have began to have […]

Joint Venture To Invest 500mil In Portugal and Spain

Joint Venture Makes First Acquisition The two companies Redveco and Ares Management partnered up last year to invest €500 million into Spanish and Portugeuse real estate. Their first acquisition was Six Retail Parkes in both southern and western Spain which were acquired from the developer Bogaris. The portfolio was acquired for €95 million and was comprised of: […]

The importance of having a website

The Importance of Having a Website

    The evolution of technology brought about the Internet, which consists of a new, faster and ever cheaper way of communicating. As time goes by, more and more underdeveloped countries are getting access to the World Wide Web, and pretty soon most, if not practically all countries will be connected. These days hundreds of […]

25 yr old b mod

25 yr Old U.S Model Relative In Europe Today

Interesting Parallels So is the 25 yr Old U.S Model Relative In Europe Today ? Well we have seen a very interesting parallel to were the United States multi-family market were 25 years ago relative to where some of the European markets are today. Many feel that we will jump forward and be exactly as things […]

Steady Demand Is Boosting Sales Volumes
Steady Demand Is Boosting Sales Volumes

Steady Demand Is Boosting Sales Volumes

Steady demand is boosting sales volumes says the RICS/Ci Portuguese Market Survey.Although the position of price varies to different parts of Portugal with some of the sellers waiting for better prices. Near Term rental projections have been pushed higher due to tighter conditions and several months of steady growth. According to the director of Ci […]

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The Debt Market 7 Years After The Global Financial Crisis

In 2014 7 years after the global financial crisis there was a considerable change in the european debt market. The amount of real estate lending increased drastically. The cost of debt fell and the progress made by banks in terms of managing their legacy of historic loans accelerated. The CBRE’s analysis suggests that the that the […]