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Alternative Finance

Alternative Financing Replace Banks

It’s clear that alternative funding is becoming more important for real estate companies.Alternative Financing is replacing Banks due to the majority of banks reducing financing for Commercial Real Estate, Pension Funds as well as other institutional investors are searching for returns amid low interest rates. We foresee that bowers will profit from the larger choice […]

Commercial Real Estate Portugal

Commercial Real Estate Portugal 2015

Commercial Real Estate investment reached a record high in October 2015 in terms of volume capital. In the first 10 months of 2015 1.36 billion euros were invested into Portuguese commercial real estate assets. Such a sum has never been recorded within the past 25 years until now. The previous record was recorded back in […]


What is QDII2 ?

What is QDII2 QDII2 stands for Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor 2. Once the QDII2 scheme is officially passed, direct investments, acquisitions, and mergers outside of China for eligible corporations and individuals will be allowed. This includes stocks,bonds, mutual funds real estate, insurance, and financial derivatives. The QDII2 should not be confused with it’s predecessor the QDII. Hence the 2 […]

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image commercialrealestate

China loosens capital controls

China loosens capital controls by laying down new groundwork for even greater Chinese investment overseas, with plans to further loosen capital controls. China has laid down the path to further Chinese investments into overseas markets, with plans to further loosen capital controls. Thanks to the the new QDII2 (Qualified Domestic Individual Investor Programme), the ground work has […]