Corporate Real Estate & Finance

Corporate Real Estate & Finance (a Division of Trade Resource Management) offers a full spectrum of on-balance-sheet structured construction, re-positioning, mini-perm, interim, and permanent Financing for all stages of a your project. Our mission is to provide one-stop solutions to meet the under-served and distinct financing needs of private middle-market companies across the many diverse industries.


Types of Credit

Our Customers 

Loan Terms 

CREF offers a wide range of financing options including but not limited to the list below.

acquisition financing
Construction Financing
Lombard Loans
Operation Loans
Secured and Unsecured lines of credit
Letters of credit
Interim and bridge financing
Mini-perm financing
Permanent financing
Repositioning and Rehabilitation
Note financing
A&D and unit construction financing
Mezzanine and A/B structures financing
Subscription lines of credit for opportunity funds


Our customers include:

Experienced real estate developers
Investors and Owners
Institutional and private companies
REITs and Funds

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Our loan terms include, but are not limited to:

On-balance-sheet portfolio financing ranging from $1 million to more than $500 million

Non-recourse and recourse financing

Major asset types

We have Flexible terms of 1 - 5 years, with longer terms (for 10 years or longer) available for select stabilized projects

Competitive Fixed rates as well as Floating rates

Our team of experts are able to customize a solution to best suit your company's financing needs. We a happy to work with you to ensure you receive optimal financing for your unique needs