Seller’s Side Mergers and Acquisitions


Selling Your Company

For the Seller’s Side Mergers and Acquisitions. Our Team knows where to look for buyers interested in your industry. We know the process of selling a business back to front. We are all the preparations, costs, legal aspects and procedures involved in the sale of your business. When selling your company it is important to have someone in your corner who knows the selling process inside and out. We would like to be in your corner.


The Process Involved In Selling a Business or Property

Selling a company can take time. Our M&A advisers know the different stages involved in the process of selling a business. The Process consists of around 7 different stages which we know in detail.


See the process of selling a business to find out more in detail.


Which Type of Buyer?

It would be best to think about what type of buyer would be interested in your business or commercial property. A good adviser will first determine what type of buyer would buy your property. A good advisor will also keep an open mind and consider the opinions of the seller. This increases your chances of success and save you time and money.
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Legal Documents Involved in the Sale Of A Business

We at CREF know what documents are important. We know you want a good price and fair conditions. The SPA,LOI and NDA document are the mot important document when selling your company.


To find out more Visit Seller’s Side Legal Documents


Preparations For Selling Your Company or Property

The Process of selling a Company can take time. However if a good level of preparation has been done the process can be made shorter. Contact us for help preparing for the sale of your company.


Or see how to prepare for the sale of your company for further details.


Selling My Business Quickly

You might be in a bit of a hurry to sell your business or shares. With enough preparation we can help you sell your business quickly.


Visit Sell My Business Quickly for ways to sell your business faster.


The Costs of Selling a Business

We are all familiar with the phrase Time Is Money. Selling a business involves an extensive process. In some cases the cost for extra services will be paid to the M&A advisor. Once the business has been sold we C.R.E.F. will receive payment in the form of a commision. Knowing the best possible ways to sell a business can save you a lot of time which in turn saves you money.


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M&A Services for Selling Your Company

We understand that at times reaching the decision to sell a company can be a difficult one. Feel free to contact us with any questions or information you might need to proceed with your decision.